Miss Kathy's Child Care & Preschool - HEALTHY MEALS & SNACKS - Sacramento, CA
MISS KATHY'S CHILD CARE  - High Quality Child Care in a Home Setting
My child care home is a participant in a USDA Food Program managed  by Love Little Children .   I recieve annual  training  on proper  nutrition, recipes and fantastic tips to keep meal time fun for children. 
I  have taken numerous classes in Health and Nutrition.  I also have 10 E.C.E and Child , Family and Community units in children and nutrition.
Below is a sample weekly menu. I serve breakfast, a.m. snack, lunch, p.m. snack and dinner.  Meals and snack are served according to each families schedule. 
 Our COOK CENTER helps  the children learn math, science, social skills and nutrition by helping with the meal preparation.

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Our meals and snacks are well balanced, nutritious and always tasty.   They are bursting with color and a variety of foods. Milk is served at every meal.