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My child care philosophy is, the belief that helping children to grow into productive citizens, friends, neighbors and future parents themselves is the most important and rewarding job there is.

Knowing that each child is a unique person and helping them to discover their full potential in every area of development is the task at hand. My home and my day revolves around each area of a child's growth and development. I have centers set up to cover every area of a childs developmental needs and plenty of space and time for what children learn best from, PLAY! I give each child the time and space for self discovery and discovering the world around them through personal experiences. They learn best by doing. I provide lots of hands on activities.

Children learn from me, the care provider, from their friends and from themselves. We also try to go out into our community and learn from others as much as possible.


The most rewarding part of this work for me is watching children dream big, reach for the stars, and attaining their goals. I provide the children many opportunities to use their imaginations and discover their own interest. We build on that and I believe in changing the environment to cater to the childs interests. Whether it's OUTER SPACE, TRAINS, DINOSAURS, FARM LIFE, OR HOT AIR BALLONS, WE DO IT ALL!!

I provide a safe and stimulating environment where children can explore and discover their own capabilities and the world around them.

I believe in good communication between a child care provider and a child. The ability to listen, to understand and communicate ones needs to others is an essential part of a 

child's development and will carry over to other areas of their lives. I build good communication and language skills through verbal instruction, through reading, and group activities.

It is important to teach personal responsibility, good social skills and manners at a very early age. I believe in teaching good table manners, learning to share, waiting to take a turn, and listening to what others have to say and to apologize if one makes a mistake. Each child also learns that they will be treated in the same manner. Sharing in the upkeep of the preschool and play areas builds a sense of pride and belonging because they are active members of our child care home and family.

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