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STARTING 9-15-12

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I am in the process of transitioning part my Child Care Home from Day Care & Preschool to also include Specialized OVERNIGHT CARE. A total of 7 of my 8 enrolled children will be graduating out on September 1, 2012 so I am looking for families who work late & graveyard shifts in need of high quality overnight care in a home setting.

I will be gradually transitioning each area as new families enroll and I consider the ages & needs of each child.

 I will be setting up seperate rooms with beds, storage for overnight jammies & such. I will provide dinner, evening snack, & breakfast. I have a t.v. room for movie time, & each room will have nite lights & soft music for sleeping. The children will be seperated by age groups or by a family. A family of several siblings can share a room, just like home. There will not be more than 7 overnighters in care at any time. The hours will be between 6:00 p:m to 9:00 a:m M-F but all shifts will be considered.

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