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Our new playzones ensure the safety and well being for our little ones. Each area is foam matted for additional safety for crawling and beginning walkers. They can crawl and play in a secure area and still be free to explore their environment & develope newly acquired skills. This also ensures their safety when older & larger children are present in child care.

Children under the age of 2 sleep in an open play yard. Children are put on their backs to sleep and are in the living area and visible at all times. (The youngest in care is 8 months, so no need for a crib) I also provide blankets that are stored seperate from the other childrens and washed daily. I also supply each child an individual storage container with secure lid to put in their teething rings, toys, pacifier, etc.. so no sharing of these personal items for health & safety purposes.

I also supply all the necessary baby items needed for diapering & potty training. Such as diapers, wipes, baby wash, powder, baby lotion, desetin ointment, and eventually pull-ups, cottonelle flushable wipes for potty training, antibacterial soap for hand washing, and an individual potty seat for each child. Good Hygiene habits start young.

Breast milk, formula & baby food will be discussed on an individual basis for each child's needs. I am on a food program and provide necessary nutrition but each child has different needs so these will be discussed with parent/guardian. As the child moves on to eating at the table I also supply bibs, little spoons & forks, sippy cups & really neat plates & bowls to make eating time enjoyable. I also have children sit at the table to eat. NO walking around with food. Table manners are also taught early.

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